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Hi, I'm Lucy

Picture of Lucy Meggeson

I’m a single, childfree, music-obsessed, river-loving, personal growth crazy, autumn and winter-loving, unapologetically passionate, over-enthusiastic, slightly bonkers, recovering perfectionist, daughter, sister, niece, auntie and friend. I host and produce my own podcast, Spinsterhood Reimagined, which celebrates all things single, childfree, and personal growth. Whilst I’m not opposed to a boyfriend at some point in the future, I’m passionate about living the best life I possibly can right here, right now, regardless of my relationship status. Being single is not, and nor should it be, a period of ‘waiting’; nor is it a transitional phase to ‘tolerate' until we find ourselves in another relationship. It is so, so, so much more than that. I feel strongly that living a life on your own is just as valid, valuable, and meaningful as living life as part of a couple. I believe that life as a single woman gets to be equally fabulous as married life with kids, and I see the two positions as equal. One is not better than the other; they are, quite simply, different. My aim is to help contribute to changing the narrative around the word ‘spinster’, to clarify what ‘spinsterhood’ actually looks like, and to lend my voice to a topic that I feel has been hiding in the shadows for far too long. My passion and my purpose is to help those women who aren’t yet feeling good about being alone, to embrace the lives that they have and learn to love themselves and where they are in their lives right now. I’m passionate about all things personal growth, and I’ve worked hard on myself over the last few years to try and become the best possible version of me. Along the way, I’ve learned to love and be grateful for the single life that I have; and to relish every moment of all the freedoms that such a life brings, before I inevitably embark upon a new relationship…or not! I want to help you do the same.

My podcast

Welcome to the Spinsterhood Reimagined Podcast!

This is the podcast to listen to if you’re single, childfree, and you know how awesome life gets to be when you’re afforded the freedoms of spinsterhood! It’s also the podcast to listen to if you’re single, more child-less than child-free, and aren’t feeling so much free as you are fed up. It is my passion and my purpose to help single, childfree humans feel empowered, excited and downright excellent about their situation on this gigantic, spinning ball called planet earth. No more will we feel ashamed or afraid of living a life on our own. No more will we allow the societal narrative to make us feel inadequate, ‘less than’, or a failure. And no more will we feel any sense of lack around our relationship status. Because…the truth is that life as a single woman without children can be the most fabulous, fulfilling and fun way to rock this thing called life. And my intention for this podcast is that you’ll come away feeling more positive, more excited, more heard, more seen, more understood and more empowered than you were before you pressed ‘Play’. Spinsterhood Reimagined is a bi-weekly podcast which consists of an episode every Tuesday, plus a Saturday 'minisode’. The Tuesday episodes tend to be guest interviews, although some weeks it’s just moi doing a solo episode. The Saturday minisodes are short and sweet, and I riff on a variety of topics from books, to music that I’m loving, to my thoughts and ideas about all things ‘life’. I sincerely hope that you will enjoy it.


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My Story


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I live in a beautiful area of South-West London, a stone’s throw from Richmond Bridge. I’m borderline obsessed with my little section of the River Thames where I spend time pretty much every day. It is both my joy and my therapy. I feel incredibly lucky to live where I do. I’m also a homebody and a bit of an introvert; my friends and family may disagree with this, but it’s true! My main passion in life is, and always has been, music. I have a pretty eclectic taste and love anything and everything from Bruce Springsteen to Sam Fender, The Indigo Girls to Ella Fitzgerald, James Taylor to Gang of Youths, The Eagles to Stevie Wonder, and Aretha Franklin to Taylor Swift. During lockdown, while I didn’t particularly miss pubs or restaurants, I did miss gigs. I’ve had BIG changes in the past few years and I currently host and produce my own bi-weekly podcast, Spinsterhood Reimagined, as well as working two 'day jobs'. I’m also writing a yet-to-be-named book on the same subject of being single and childfree. I’m originally from Dorset where a big part of my heart remains, and where I grew up with my Mum, Dad, younger brother and older sister. I started out at university studying Psychology and French, spent a year living in Paris, then decided to quit the French part of the degree in order to do a Psychology Major. I’ve always had a fascination with the way people’s minds work, particularly the criminal mind, so…I have a BSc in Psychology. Originally I wanted to become a Criminal Psychologist but, for reasons that I won’t bore you with, I ultimately decided against following that particular path. Instead, I followed my love of music which led me to BBC Radio 2. I started off writing to various producers asking if they would meet me for a coffee and subsequently found myself spending my Saturday evenings and Bank Holidays answering the phones. After a lot of persistence and several years of refusing to take no for an answer, I landed a full-time job working in the specialist music department at my beloved Radio 2. Then, several years later, I did something that may be regarded as slightly crazy… I was in a (not good) relationship at the time, with a man I’d met indirectly through my job at Radio 2, so was not entirely of sound mind and was looking for an escape. I decided (as you do) to leave Radio 2 and become a detective in The Metropolitan Police who were trying out a new scheme whereby you could enter directly as a detective, bypassing the usual route via being a uniformed police officer (something I would never, ever have done in a million years). My interest in the workings of the criminal mind led me to (wrongly) believe that being a detective would be an interesting, rewarding and fulfilling job. It was not; at least, not for me. So just shy of 2 years after I joined, I handed my notice in and got the hell out as fast as my legs would carry me. So here I am. Alongside my podcast, I work part-time in a local coffee shop, and clean my sister’s house every week. And I’ve never, ever felt more aligned with who I really, truly am.

Fun Facts

A few 'fun facts' about moi

I was a music scholar at school and played the flute and treble recorder...
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